Ep. 45: A Message from Generation Z: Luke Scorziell on the Jen and Don Show on AM 590 The Answer

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Episode Description

Luke Scorziell is interviewed for the Jen and Don Show on AM 590 The Answer. Luke addresses the political divide on our college campuses and in our country at large. He speaks on the importance of keeping an open mind and of the marketplace of ideas. Additionally, the trio discusses whether political opponents can actually get along. Stay tuned, and remember to think critically.

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Show Notes (abridged script)

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How did you get started with TheEdgeofIdeas.com and Bills with Luke Scorziell?

“The whole basis behind [Bills with Luke Scorziell] is to look at policy in an objective way and tell the people what’s impacting them.” ~ Luke Scorziell

What are some topics you might have?

“I’ve done 26 different interviews with a wide-variety of experts.” ~ Luke Scorziell

“Jennifer, I think we need to hire Luke to be our producer since he’s able to get these world-class interviews.” ~ Don from the Jen and Don Show on AM 590 The Answer

Any advice for families who are sending their kids to college?

“Conservatives are fighting, not only for their values, but also for the right to be able to speak on campus in a way that opposes the mainstream view.” ~ Luke Scorziell

Does the liberal bias on college campus bother you?

“The problem is that people are silencing those they don’t agree with.” ~ Luke Scorziell

“I’m a big advocate of the marketplace of ideas.” ~ Luke Scorziell

Are you looking for an ideological fight?

“I’m definitely looking forward to having conversations with people who I agree with and don’t agree with.” ~ Luke Scorziell

“I love that you said you’re looking forward to talking to people because there is guilt to be shared [on all sides of the isle] from people who make up their mind not to have the conversation.” ~ Jen from the Jen and Don Show on AM 590 The Answer

“I’m more for taking an objective look at things and then really coming out with what’s right.” ~ Luke Scorziell

How do you meet in the middle with an extremist?

“Evaluate the relationship, and then evaluate whether winning the argument is worth losing the relationship.” ~ Luke Scorziell on choosing political battles

“In reality, politics is only ever going to be, or ever should be, just a small fraction of our lives.” ~ Luke Scorziell

Bills with Luke Scorziell does not provide investment, tax, or legal advice or recommendations. This material is solely intended for educational purposes based on publicly available information and may change at any time. Additionally, this article’s content is a summary of the Interviewee’s comments and, while rephrased by the Author, are not from the Author himself.

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Luke Scorziell
About Luke Scorziell and why he started Bills with Luke Scorziell.

Mr. Scorziell created The Edge of Ideas when he was 15 years old. After a few years of blogging he found a passion for podcasting and now regularly has guests on his show, Bills with Luke Scorziell. Find out more about Luke and his unique journey. Feel free to send Luke a message below.


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