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Don’t have a lot of time? Here’s the executive summary:

  • I’m Luke Scorziell, a high school student headed to college next fall and host of Bills with Luke Scorziell, a podcast on policy.
    • I interview experts and analyze popular legislation (Tax Reform, Immigration Reform, etc).
    • For each episode/interview I spend hours researching, editing, recording, and publishing.
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Okay, if you have more time, here’s my story…

If you don’t already know me, my name is Luke Scorziell. I’m 18 years old, and I live in a small rural town in Southern California (surprisingly, there are small towns in SoCal!?). I’ve been the Editor-In-Chief for my website since I was 15 and hosted my podcast, Bills with Luke Scorziellsince I was 17.

I started my podcast after the 2016 election cycle with a goal of finding truth in our political landscape. I wanted to cut through the fruitless fights that plague American’s TVs and find the honest facts. The best place I knew to start was by taking an objective look at the policies everyone was arguing about. By analyzing the legislation our government passes, I found a out how exactly we, the people, will be affected. As such, I decided to pursue the research.

Since launching my podcast in January 2017, I’ve interviewed policy expertseconomistssupreme court attorneys, CEOs, medical experts, and more. I’ve published episodes analyzing tax reform, immigration reform, and campus speech reform.

To create each episode, I take a piece of legislation and spend hours researching its in’s and out’s. Then I record (and sometimes re-record) in my self-funded home-studio, which doubles as my bedroom. Finally, I spend a few more hours editing and publishing the episode to iTunes and my website. In total, turning an idea into a podcast takes an entire weekend.

In addition, I run a Twitter account to promote my podcast. Bills with Luke Scorziell (@theedgeofideas) has garnered over 7,300 followers and we grow more and more everyday. But the growth does not come without a lot of work. Each morning I spend time seeking out similar accounts and driving engagement on my own. I schedule and post tweets with articles, images, quotes and more while also maintaining a good relationship with my followers.

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By becoming joining my Patreon, you’ll gain exclusive access to all rewards and prizes I give out. Every Patron automatically gets a custom sticker. You’ll also be able to access the mailbag with a donation of 5$ or more.

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