Ep. 23: New Laws in California and Britain’s Holiday Health Crisis

Listen to Episode 22: California’s New Laws in 2018 & Britain’s Holiday Health Dilemma

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Episode Description

In this 18-minute episode, I analyze three new laws in California. The laws have to do with hiring, paid maternity leave, and gun ammunition restrictions. Additionally, I take a look at the British National Health Service crisis: More than 50,000 non-critical operations have been cancelled.

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New Laws in California

Assembly Bill No. 168

The bill prohibits employers from relying on applicant’s past salaries when determining hiring or salary.

Proposition 63

This new law imposes stricter gun restrictions on California citizens. It makes it harder to buy new ammunition and changes penalties for violating the law. We review it in much further depth on the show.

Senate Bill 63

SB 63 allows California employees, who have worked over a year for their employer, to take up to 12 weeks of parental leave within one year of having their child.

Assembly Bill No. 1127

This bill will require mens restrooms to be equipped with baby diaper changing stations.

Assembly Bill No. 10

Public schools with grades 6-12 with a 40% or higher poverty rate will be required to stock at least 50% of restrooms with feminine hygiene products.

Uncovered News: Britain’s Health Crisis

National Health Services Hospitals in Britain have been ordered to cancel all routine operations in January as the flu outbreak grows, according to The Telegraph. The order resulted in the cancelling of 50,000 scheduled non-urgent operations.

Britain has partially blamed unhealthy habits. In October 2017, the NHS ordered a ban on surgery for obese patients and smokers who were not actively trying to improve their condition.

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