59 – Crypto’s regulatory catch-up with Marc Boiron

Crypto has disrupted just about every field of financial law in the last few years. Regulators are playing catch-up in attempt to regulate this new industry. This is especially concerning as a conglomeration of large corporations, including Facebook, have announced their intentions to launch their own currency, Libra.

Today’s guest, Marc Boiron, is up-to-speed. As a partner at FisherBroyles, he represents some of the leading blockchain and crypto companies. On today’s episode, Boiron and Luke Scorziell go in-depth on the regulatory side of crypto. From covering Facebook’s new cryptocurrency to catching criminals with blockchain to discussing the end of fiat currencies, they cover it all. … More 59 – Crypto’s regulatory catch-up with Marc Boiron

58 – Crypto Talk with Kelley Weaver

If you had mentioned cryptocurrencies to someone five years ago, you likely would’ve gotten a blank stare. Since then, however, the technology has blown up. Blockchain, the technology behind most cryptocurrencies, has expanded into myriad fields: healthcare, voting, advertising, artificial intelligence and more.

Kelley Weaver, the CEO of Melrose PR and the host of the Crypto Token Talk podcast, has helped usher in this new wave of use-cases.

On today’s episode, she joins Luke Scorziell to discuss some of her most notable clients, experiences, and thoughts on blockchain and crypto. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation where blockchain might drive our future. … More 58 – Crypto Talk with Kelley Weaver