Ep. 13: Arpit Chaturvedi, Editor-in-Chief of the Cornell Policy Review (Pt. 1)

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About Arpit Chaturvedi and the Cornell Policy Review

In this episode I talk with Arpit Chaturvedi, Editor in Chief of the Cornell Policy Review, about his experience in government and policy in both India and the United States. We discuss what motivated him to move from the private sector, where he worked for Right Management, to the public sector. Arpit discusses how we can use systems thinking to analyze and create useful new policies, and how the Cornell Policy Review uses this type of thinking in their research and writing. In addition to in-depth policy discussions, Arpit tells us about how his experience in India contrasts with his work in the United States. We also talk about his work for the Huffington Post and the South Asian Journal. Check back soon for the second part of our interview!

Find out more about Arpit Chaturvedi

Currently Arpit is a student at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA), where he’ll be graduating next year. Prior to Cornell, Arpit gained a Master of Business Administration from the Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resource Development and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Kirori Mal College. After completing his MBA he worked for Right Management, a member of the Indian Parliament, and for the National Commission of Scheduled Castes. Most recently, Arpit has worked as an Associate at the Cabrera Research Lab and as the Editor-In-Chief of the Cornell Policy Review. You can find more about his past education and experience here.

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