“At last, a political podcast that is worth of your time”

Bills with Luke Scorziell is podcast run by 18 year-old Luke Scorziell. With each episode he works hard to shed light on not only the facts of each topic, but also each the arguments of each side. The show is hosted on TheEdgeofIdeas.com and is listed in most podcast directories, including iTunes and Stitcher. Both services allow listeners to leave feedback for the host or comments for other listeners in the form of reviews.

If these reviews don’t inspire you to head over to iTunes and give Bills with Luke a listen and a review, then I’m not sure anything will. They have certainly motivated me to produce more episodes. Again, I can’t thank my listeners enough for their kind and unwavering support!

At last, a political podcast that is worthy of your time 

Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by MinutiaMen – July 1, 2017

Informative, thoughtful and full of great content. Do your civic duty and listen now. Also, Luke has a remarkable radio voice. Highly recommend.


Digestible politics

Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by Underd09 – July 16, 2017

I really enjoyed “Bills”. Luke is really easy to listen to both from a vocal standpoint, as well as a conversational standpoint. He does a great job to break down complex political ideas and laws, both with research and facts, and with the laymen’s terms. This podcast is a great way for the general public to stay informed about what their government is doing, as well as a great teaching tool. Finally, I feel like the unbiased explanations are a breath of fresh air in out current political climate.


Just wow 

Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by That’s Delightful – July 16, 2017

Our show features a man with a psyD and a woman with her masters and is an LCSW [Licensed Clinical Social Worker], and this 17 year old kid made all of us feel pretty dumb!! Great show, great content, and a chance to feel optimistic about our nation’s future with kids like this at the helm in a few years!!


Very interesting

Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

Carol22l – July 3, 2017

I tend to avoid political podcasts. As an Independent, I don’t do well with obvious bias. The host has done his best to stay objective and I can truly appreciate that. Very fascinating to take a glimpse behind the scenes of government.


Can You Tell Me About Bills? 

Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by University Chick – January 9, 2017

This podcast is very beneficial to understanding our government and the policies being introduced this year. The speaker of this podcast did an excellent job in not only explaining the bills, but also having a nice and easy voice to follow. I’m excited to see what else this speaker will produce in the near future.


Great and Easy 

Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by S2S Podcast – July 18, 2017

I’m not a political expert by any means, but Luke Scorziell Presents these bills in comprehensible manners. Really enjoy the show!


Thoughtful and informative

Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by The Guy Who Is a Dude – July 6, 2017

Great sound quality and great content. And at 17? Crazy impressive.


Good show

Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by Still Dave in WI – June 28, 2017

Well done and an informative show. Keep up the good work.


Impressive and Educational 

Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by SSM1214 – July 1, 2017

Easy to listen to. Very objective and informative. I will stay tuned.



Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by iAlsoHatepitt – July 5, 2017

This man is very familiar with his subject and explains clearly the premise of each topic.


Balanced unbiased reporting on proposed Bills

Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by Scorzy – January 9, 2017

This was an interesting look at if presidents should be required to pay for their own security on their own property. Luke right in front of logic from both sides of the isle. Just the right length for a podcast of this kind. 13 min.



Reviews for Bills with Luke Scorziell

by TT867440 – February 2, 2017

An exceptionally soothing voice.

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