Ep. 12: Timothy Buck, Co-Founder of Read A Bill

About Timothy Buck, Read A Bill, and Episode 12

Timothy Buck, Co-Founder of Read A Bill, tells us more about his project. We discuss the story behind Read A Bill, the importance of accessibility and objectivity, and what exactly the Apple Plug is…

Questions, yes you’ll have to listen for the full, unabridged answers 😉

Would you mind telling us about yourself and what you do?

Find out about Timothy here.

How does Read A Bill actually work? 

Go check out ReadABill.com!

Do you have any idea of how successful the site has been?

Read A Bill was named a top author in government by Medium.com.

The site’s about page states: We are committed to remaining non-partisan and will never add political commentary of our own.” Why remain objective?

There is already a lot of political commentary out there.

When talking about accessibility, we encounter proposals to write legislation in plain English. Do you find the bills hard to understand or confusing?

The Executive Orders are easier to understand than the bills themselves.

One area one could see this expanding to would be in publishing legislation at the state level. Could you see the service doing that in the future?

Could see it expanding, but would need some volunteer help.

Can you tell us about some of the projects you’ve been involved with?

Writes regularly for his website TimothyBuck.me, reads a book every week, made an iOS and Android App called Blox, and an iMessage Sticker Pack. Learn more about his projects here.

What’s your most recent book?

Michael Lewis, The Undoing Project

What is Apple Plug? 

Find out here, or give the show a listen!

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