7 reasons moms need to be appreciated 

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There are so many reasons that your mom shouldn’t go unappreciated this Mother’s Day, that it would take an endless article to post them all. So here are 7 good ones!

  1. Without her you wouldn’t be here!  This is very obvious and pretty self-explainatory, but really, you wouldn’t be here without her. She had to go through nine torturous months, and then commit to caring for you for the rest of her and your lives. So go thank her right now for your life! 🙂
  2. She had to stop everything she was doing. After you were born your mom had to pick up another full time job: caring for you. Having a kid is a huge commitment and one your mother accepted and has kept! Everything she was doing before you came into existence had to be put on hold, just for you.
  3. She loves you for you! Moms love their kids (you) through everything. Maybe you and your mom aren’t on the best terms, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. Part of the mom job is to love your child through everything, and all moms do. Even yours.
  4. She was your very first teacher. Think way back, back before preschool, back to when you first arrived. Your teacher was your mom. Moms teach the neccesities of life: how to love, laugh, and forgive. They even teach you how to speak! Say thank you again!
  5. Moms have amazing patience. Everyone has witnessed the mother in the store with the wailing child, and that simple event demonstrates the patience they have. You were once that kid, I was once that kid. So give her some credit for putting up with you. Not to mention that they love to listen to you and help you.
  6. She’s always there for you. Everyone has gone through some challenges in their life. And one of the best people to talk to when you go through one is your mom. Just call her or go and talk to her and she’ll offer great advice! Or if you just want someone to listen to you she will do that too. She would do anything to help you, like bail you out of jail.
  7. She gives you tons and tons of support. Even on your horrible ideas that she knows, and you probably know, will fail, she backs you up. And she is your key to success. One of the things my own mom has taught me is that I can do anything. She’ll back you up anytime you need it, and whether or not you succeed she’ll be there. Moms teach you that anything is possible.

Go on and thank your mom for all she does! You wouldn’t be here without her! Plus, she is often funny:

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If you’re still not convinced here’s another 100 reasons.

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