The happy secret to happiness

Have you ever wondered what the key to happiness is? I’m sure you have, because I have countless times, and I’ve stopped short of nothing to find it. The fact is, there are so many “keys to happiness,” that we should all be overflowing in joy 24/7 if we followed them all. So today I’m just going to talk about one of the many keys: laughter.

If there is one thing this world needs more of, it’s the joy brought on by an empowering laugh. The enlightening sound of people having a good time, simply because they’re enjoying something.

One of the most unique things about laughter, and its relativity to happiness, is that everyone can do it. And everyone can do it while exerting a minimal effort. Laughing gives its users instant gratification as well. You don’t need to wait for the happiness to set in, it’s immediate and wonderful.

Benefits of Laughing With Others

When we laugh we attract others to us. This may be your most dreaded fear, to be swarmed by people or one of your favorite occurrences. Either way, laughing literally opens up the door for others to want to be involved with you. They think,”Hey this guy/girl isn’t so bad, they actually seem pretty open!” And there you go you’ve just made a new friend. Cracking up shows others that you’re not a reclusive person, and you might be quite interesting in fact.

And it has been proven that laughing around people you already know makes them feel closer to you. Whether its your amazingly perfect crush or the person you dread the most in the hallway, by laughing you portray yourself as open and enjoyable to be around, ultimately creating a deeper connection.

Stay Healthy

I have also discovered the numerous health benefits of laughter. It lowers stress, strengthens your immune system, protects your heart, and prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Who could guess that such a simple thing could have such an amazing impact on people’s lifes?

If I haven’t proven to you that laugher is an amazing phenomenon, then I’m not sure what life is anymore. Well actually life is…life is what you make of it, so go make your epic mark on the world! I belive in you.

I did a speech on laughter and its postitive effects on you and your health. If you would like to read a little on that click here or here for the desktop version. 

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18 thoughts on “The happy secret to happiness

  1. Reblogged this on agrofarm and commented:
    It seems you have mixed up with happiness and joy. Both are completely opposite expression. If one have joy there is no need of happiness. If there is happiness there is no place for joy. Happiness and sorrow live together.

  2. Laughter is the universal language. No one misunderstands laughter. They may not undersand the subject of the laughter, but no one can doubt that someone was just made happy and joyful. Nice job.

  3. yes. I can attest to the efficacy of laughter. Many of my posts are funny because that is how I view the world. And btw thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment

  4. Wow after surfing lot on what to read, i found this. There was a lot of blogs which were quite depressing, but this one saved my day. Cheers!

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