8 things to get a teenage boy for Christmas…

It’s the time of year that comes out of nowhere‚ÄĒthe one that’s never expected but always comes anyways: Christmas and the holidays. Which leads to the everlasting question of, “What should I get my teenage boy?” (Yes, I know you ask that every year ūüėČ)

This post will, hopefully, answer all your questions‚ÄĒand if it doesn’t feel free to comment and ask!¬†In no particular order, here’s a list of things that would be great gifts approved by a teen.

  1. Lava lamp. These are great decorations for a room, and really fun to look at! I have one from last Christmas (thanks to my sister) and love it. (Target,  $10.99)
  2. UE Roll.¬†This is a great little speaker. But thats not all: it’s
    UE Roll, $99.99

    also water-proof! The Roll is really small but still has powerful sound. It even has awesome designs on its face. (ultimateears.com, $99.99) 

  3. Neck and Shoulder Pro Massager with Heat. This is mainly on here because I’m really sore right now‚ÄĒespecially my neck and shoulders…But if you have an active teen, this would be great for after games or practice. (BrookStone, $89.99)
  4. Fitbit Flex. Again, if you’re looking for a gift for an active
    Fitbit Flex, $79.00

    boy, this would be a great idea!¬†It’s a wristband that tracks sleep, physical activity, daily steps, and other interesting things. (Walmart,¬†$79.00)

  5. Smartphone Projector. A one-size-fits-all mini projector for smartphones. It lets you project anything from your phone screen to a wall, screen, or other blank space. There are expensive or do-it-yourself types. (Urban Outfitters, $28)
  6. Belly Bump Ball.¬†I’ve always wanted to try this! You put on a blow-up ball suit and can play all kinds of sports while bumping into each other. It’s kind of like wearing trampolines when playing a sport. (Amazon, $49.98)¬†
  7. PNY PowerPack. Since phone batteries never last all day, this is an external battery that allows on-the-go charging. Again, there are more expensive versions, however, they all do the same thing: charge your electronic device. (Best Buy, 9.99)
  8. Tickets to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”¬†This new “Star Wars” is probably the most awaited movie of the year‚ÄĒits already looking to smash box-office records. The price will likely depend on your theatre, but you won’t regret it. (Fandango, $7.50)

Hopefully you found this list useful. Be sure to remember the true meaning of Christmas, and that Christmas isn’t about getting‚ÄĒbut giving. Have a Merry Christmas!

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