17 Events in 2015 to be grateful for

This year has been a historic one, civil rights were gained and records broken. This Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be thankful for. Here are 17 of the hundreds of historical events that occurred this year, don’t worry, they’re not heavy hearted 😉

January 26

 Libby Kane is ordained as the first woman bishop in the Church of England.

January 31

Lydia Ko becomes the youngest golfer to be ranked number one in men’s or women’s golf at 17.

February 10

After 16 years, Jon Stewart announced his intent to leave “The Daily Show” at the end of the year. He left on August 6.

March 24

NASA’s opportunity Mars rover completes a “Martian Marathon,” 26.219 miles, with a time of 11 years and two months.

March 25

Zayn Malik, a British singer, announces he is leaving the band One Direction after selling over 6.49 million albums in the United States.

April 14

The oldest stone tools, dating back 3.3 million years, are uncovered at Lomekwi, Kenya. The discovery suggests that early humans were more intelligent than previously thought.

May 11

India’s population officially reaches one billion people, with Astha Arora named the billionth baby.

June 2

100 volunteers help set the world record for tree planting, with 49,672 planted in one hour.

June 15

Donald Trump, a real estate mogul, surprises America with his intent to run for President of the United States.

July 14

Harper Lee releases just her 2nd novel Go Set A Watchman. It goes on sale in 70 countries.

August 4

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog of the Muppets announce the end of their relationship–using Twitter.

August 10

The United States government formally returns Picasso’s painting “La Coiffeuse” to France, 14 years after it had been stolen from Paris’ National Museum of Modern Art in 2001.

September 3 

Chris the Sheep set a Guinness World Record after his sheared wool was weighed in at 90 pounds.

September 5

I, Luke Scorziell, turned 16, becoming old enough to drive.

October 29

China ends its one child birth policy after 35 years. Now parents can have 2 children.

November 9

SeaWorld in San Diego announces it will end its killer whale show after concerns were raised of the whales’ treatment.

November 25

Pope Francis begins a trip to Africa, where he will visit Kenya, Uganda, and the Central African Republic.

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