7 reasons why dads need to be appreciated…

Since I did an article on why moms need to be appreciated, it’s only fair that I write one for the dads! So here are some reasons you should let them know they’re loved and needed just as much as moms.

366503025_fefd49e663_b1. Dads have a great sense of humor. They have their own sense of humor that’s unique to them, whether it’s dressing up the pets as Santa or weird sarcastic remarks that don’t really make sense, but are somehow still funny. And when we need him the most he’s there, along with his jokes, to help and support us. Life would be pretty dull without their constant, one-of-a-kind jokes

2. He kills the bugs and scoops the poops. In houses around the world when there is a strange-looking bug (well any insect for that matter), the call for help is “DAD!!!!!!!” And in he comes with a tissue, the vacuum, or the book he was reading— ready to kill the bug. Unless he takes the bug alive and tries to put it on you…(strange sense of humor again). He does the dirty work. Whenever a pet throws up, pees, and/or poops he comes to clean it, without complaining💩.

3. He cooks for everyone. Almost every night my dad makes food for my whole family. Whether it’s a nice spaghetti dinner🍝 or fried eggs he loves to cook for us. Dads love to teach their kids how to cook and don’t tell them how bad the food is. Whenever there’s a party the dads are the ones by the barbecue cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.14457468988_b38dd35924_o

4. Dads will fix anything that needs fixing. When something we love breaks our dads are always there to fix it, and if they can’t fix it themselves they’ll wait on the phone on hold for us for hours. If their kid is sad or broken-hearted they come to the rescue with some good food and a movie (moms help with this too). Any leaks in the house are no match for a dad’s work. Anything they can fix, they do.

5. He puts family before everything else. If he ever gets the choice of being with family or doing something else he’ll choose family. Dads spending quality time family makes for the best memories and stories. He always sticks up for every one in the family. If someone messes with one of his kids he’ll drop everything to defend them, even when it’s not totally necessary. Dads know that family is the most important thing.

6. He teaches his kids that they can do or be anything the want. When your dad dressed you up as a superhero when you
were little you thought you could be one. He instills this mentality his kids’ minds throughout their childhood, and when it’s time for them to go out in the world, he knows they know they can do anything. Dads are always encouraging their kids to try new things and to go outside of their comfort zones for success.4960459765_47288ceee7_b

7. He goes out of his comfort zone to make his family comfortable. Dads do their best to make everyone around them pleased, but when it comes to their family they’ll do anything to help. My personal story of this is my dad coaching my soccer teams for seven years even though he had zero experience with soccer. But he did all the research and every one of those teams was a winning team. He and my mom even encouraged and supported me through two years of club soccer.

Happy late Father’s Day! And remember dads will do anything for their families and kids, so show them how much you appreciate them! Thanks for reading and come back next week for the second Psychology Series post!

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