How to cope with the result of the Election…

This past year and a half has been absolutely crazy. From the 17 candidates in the GOP primary to the tough fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, to this crazy competition in the general election, it’s all coming to an end this Tuesday, be sure to vote! We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into this presidential campaign, and the results are coming. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

Here are five things you can do to help you accept the election results.

1. Stop watching the news!

TV news is great, it keeps us informed about the world, however, it can also cause unnecessary stress. News stations often talk about the worst that can happen, if they didn’t no one would need to watch. If you continue to watch TV on election night if your candidate loses, you’ll likely only hear the exaggerated negatives.

All of this is not to mention that there will be no immediate effect, policies will not change immediately, your life will be okay!

2. Go out for a run

Nothing helps being a little stressed like going out for a run and killing some stress hormones. Or if you don’t like running you can go for a walk, do yoga, or play a sport with some friends. Anything that will get your mind off the election and to somewhere else for the time being.

Also, exercising helps clear the mind, helping you think more logically about how you will be affected. And it feels great!

3. You’ve been here before

Most of us have lived through a president we didn’t like, or whose policies we weren’t aligned with, and we’re all still here. Whatever the outcome of the election, you’ll still wake up the next day. Everything will be okay.

The president is only one of the three branches of government, so don’t get to hyped up: the other ones could go into your favor.

4. Address your fears

Write down what you’re afraid of from our new president. Is it healthcare? High taxes? Anything. Just write it down, look at it, and address it. You may find that your fears are closer to fiction. If you dare, go onto the internet and fact check them, as recommended by the LA Times.

5. Watch a funny TV show or read a book!

There’s nothing like watching a funny TV show or movie or even sitting down with a nice book to read. This helps take our minds off of the world around us and put us into a sort of fantasy world, where we’re free of the stress of the election.

While Parks and Rec might be a good TV show, House of Cards might be a little much for post-election recovery.

Whatever happens this Tuesday, you’ll be okay! And remember, the you still live in the best country and you’ll still wake up Wednesday morning to a beautiful day, something that won’t change no matter the president.

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