5 totally last minute Halloween costume ideas

There is only one rule on Halloween: dress up and get candy, no matter how old you are. . . Yet, even with this simple rule many of us (myself included) can’t meet the requirements. So, for the benefit of those still looking for a Halloween costume here are some easy ideas.

1. A Ghost đź‘»15486638959_58a231ecf8_k

This idea is for either the lazy or the people looking at this five minutes before they have to leave. All you need to do is grab an old bed sheet and put it over your body. For added effect (and vision) cut two holes for your eyes. If done correctly, no one will actually see you!

2. A toilet paper MUMMY3946773501_48259287a2_o

I’ve never tried this but it sounds like it could work. All you need is toilet paper and tape. Now have someone wrap the toilet paper around your arms, legs, and torso. If you want to get fancy, paint some of the ends red.

3. A ceiling fan1445953300-f5f731b69568c7fc18824d59140e3eba-1

I’d never heard about this before now, but it’s a pretty punny idea. Make a fan sign for a ceiling–like “Let’s go ceiling!” Then tape it onto your body somewhere. You could even add a #1 foam finger and a hat. You’re ready to be the ceiling’s #1, and probably only, fan.

4. A Tourist

54eb8ea4df46c_-_last-minute-costume-ideas-tourist-g11woi-xlThis costume requires some change in personality, along with a change in clothing. You’ll need a Hawaiian collared shirt, kaki shorts, sunglasses, a lay, and a camera to hang around your neck. More things can be added, like a fanny-pack, but these are the basics. For the personality adjustment, take pictures of everything and be as obnoxious as possible!

5. A stick figure

This costume only requires a totally black or white outfit and enhanced-buzz-5783-1411090581-4some white or black tape–depending on your outfit’s color. Outline the shape of a stick figure onto your body with the tape. If you want to add more, get a circular piece of cardboard and outline a face with two holes for eyes.

Now that you have some costume ideas, go out and get some candy! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful, and safe, night. Be sure to tweet me pictures of your costumes at @theedgeofideas.

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