Secrets to a happier house

The average person spends 90% of their time indoors and a large share of that time is spent in their home. The home is a crucial part of both our happiness and our success in life. In this post I’ll be giving you a lot facts on how to “happify” your home.

Keep this in mind throughout this post: happy home = happy attitude + success.

First, what makes an unhappy home? 

The two main things: are lighting and clutter.

Light has a huge effect on your sleep cycle. There’s a whole science behind this, but basically, too much light before bedtime has a negative effect on your sleep. It doesn’t matter how much you sleep past nine hours, but the quality of sleep you get during those nine hours. A lot of harsh light before bedtime dramatically decreases your sleep quality.

Clutter! It’s the worst, I know. Messes make us unproductive and more stressed out. According to Lynne Gilberg, a professional organizer in West Los Angeles, California: “Clutter is bad for your physical and mental health. . . [it causes people to] become nonfunctional and unproductive.”

Is your home plagued by either of these miserable things? If so, you NEED to keep reading!

Happifying your home!

In this section I’ll devote a whole subsection to how to improve your bedroom and then a second subsection on the rest of your house.

How to make the ultimate bedroom. . .  

We spend a whooping 25 years of our lives sleeping, which is a lot of time in your bedroom. This number doesn’t factor in the awake hours we spend in our bedroom. I don’t even want to estimate that. . .

Lighting is everything! Humans are adapted to the sun’s cycle, which the “age of electronics” isn’t helping. I realize its impossible to not look at electronics for an hour before bed, so let’s skip that part. An easy (not perfect) solution to this is the f.lux app for your computer. This app creates the optimal computer screen lighting based on when you’re going to get up in the morning.

Other things that can be done besides getting rid of all your electronics; including painting your bedroom blue, a peaceful color. It’s a perfect way to make your bedroom the way is should be: relaxing.

One easy way to make your room clutter-free is to make your bed every morning. Along with making your room look a lot cleaner, making your bed every morning is associated with being more productive and organized, according to The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg. Trust me on this one, make your bed!

Choosing the right colors. . . 

The two main things you want in your house are the right colors and the proper amount of light. If you have these two things you’re on track for a happy house.

What colors are the best for your houseArt of Interior Decoration

Blue, as we’ve already talked about, is a calming color. It relieves stress and helps us relax. Green has a similar effect. It represents health and prosperity and is a great color for living rooms because it helps us de-stress.

Yellow is a great color for kitchens because it gives us energy to start the day and actually causes an increase in metabolism. Yellow reminds us that each morning brings a new start.

Work and study areas, should be a purple tint. It is a soothing color and is known to promote wisdom and creativity, both of which are needed when thinking and studying.

For more information on the different colors check out this article on About Education.

With a few simple changes, you can make your home a much happier place! Thanks for reading, check out last week’s post here and the Psychology Series here.

The cover photo in this post is a house built by my dad for Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

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