Why you should keep on listening to music…

Deciding what to write on this week was about the same as usual, I finished up my homework, while listening to music of course, then I started looking up things to write on. But little did I know that one of my little habits was doing a lot of good for me, and was also something I could write a lot about. That something was music, and today I’m here to show you the benefits of listening to music, many of which are quite interesting and surprising. And there is a HUGE plus to music as well, which I’ll tell you later in this post.

First off, listening to music eases our pain. A study, done on many volunteers, showed that listening to relaxing music lowered the amount of pain they felt. When the listeners listened to music they found pleasing, their pain levels decreased. However, when patients listened to music they did not like their pain increased. I think anyone can agree that when a song you don’t like comes on there is already some pain caused by it!

A different study found that when patients suffering from chronic muscle and joint pain listened to their favorite music, their pain decreased. Music we find enjoyable increases our bodies’ release of opioids. This response allowed patients to ease off of some of the pain medicines they were taking.

“In terms of pain, it is important that you listen to music that you already know and like. When you’re in pain, you need a familiar setting in which you can navigate, and if you can do that with music you know and like.” ~Peter Vuust

Another great reason to listen to music is that it helps us get into shape, and work harder while doing it. A study group rode stationary bikes for 30 minutes while listening to music along with the exercise. The music changed at times to a more upbeat or a less upbeat genre. When the music was more upbeat the volunteers worked harder, not because the music distracted them from their pain and fatigue, but because they had more incentive to work harder.

When a group of basketball players listened to catchy music before taking free throws, they preformed better than they had before, when they didn’t listen to anything. By listening to music the players focused completely on what they could already do physically, without the distractions from their brains. The music helped them focus on their skill, and not the crowd nor the pressure to make the shot.

In 2006, 94 students were studied to determine whether music had a positive affect on their sleep quality. In the group that listened to classical music for 45 minutes before bed, there were significant improvements in sleep quality.

Another major study, that involved ten other studies, also showed a substantial growth in sleep quality. Some of the 557 participants, all who had sleeping disorders, passively listened to music. Others were given alternative methods. After all the studies were completed, the results were measured, and the study concluded that “Music appears to be effective in treating acute and chronic sleep disorders.”

Okay, now that I have told you three of the the countless benefits of music, all backed up by science, now its time for that “HUGE plus” I talked about in the beginning: to be benefited the most you should listen to the music YOU find most enjoyable! To me thats a huge benefit, and hopefully to you too!

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