Why we should all go on vacation

I am currently on vacation. I’m away from life: stress, work, responsibilities, etc. Being on vacation is one of the best things there is, life is on hold—you can just relax. 

I was considering not posting anything this week, but here I am. And I’m writing on why everyone should go on a vacation. Not necessarily an expensive trip, or even a trip at all for that matter. A vacation could be anything, as long as you’re getting away from the stress of life. If that requires a trip across the world then so be it. 

People get so caught up in everything they do that they don’t take the time to step back and relax. In fact 30% of people don’t even use all of  their vacation days. That’s a substantial amount. People don’t take vacations because they feel the need to work all the time. They want more success, a promotion. However, sometimes a break from life helps us become even more productive. 

Vacations increase people’s productivity after they return. The NY Times says that working cuts the amount of sleep we get, making it harder for us to be at our best for work. The same article also states that companies lose $63.2 billion a year because of sleep depravation. 

As stress builds up in our lives and we allow it to get to a point where we think it’s normal to feel that way all the time. We forget that a simple vacation can relieve a lot of our stress. Stress may seem normal to us, and it’s not always bad for us, but we sometimes need a break from it. Life is meant to be enjoyed. 

Vacation is a proven stress reliever and here are some great ways to take a break:

  1. Relax, you don’t even need to leave home (though, being far away helps). Just don’t worry about what you need to do when you get back. Think about how awesome it is where you are, in the present. 
  2. Focus on what’s happening right now. Don’t think about next week, tomorrow, or even what’s happening in a few hours. 
  3. Or take a trip, far away or close. And on that trip don’t bring your work. Just focus on relaxing. Don’t think about being back home. 

Remember, you don’t have to go far, just take a break:

 There are vacation days for a reason. Use them! 

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