We use technology for the wrong reason…

Just a week or two ago I realized I was using my iPhone in the wrong way. I was spending way too much time on social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you name it. All of these “social apps” were teaching me all of the wrong things. So I decided I needed to find a solution, something other than getting rid of my phone.

Smartphones can help us so much more than what most people are currently getting out of them. We can use our phones to learn more about the world around us and tons of other things. The way to do this is to get the “right apps.” By doing what I will elaborate on later, we can get a whole other education from our phones.

I gained more insightful information by going to the news section of the App Store; from there I downloaded some of the top news apps on there (BBC, LA Times, CNN, etc.). Astonishingly you can open these apps and read their news articles just as you would read a Facebook post, with one major difference: you are actually learning something useful.

The advantage of this idea is that you can learn countless things for free (sorry newspapers)! People can learn about current world events, what one of the big tech companies is releasing next, what the secret to happiness is, or what the newest car technology is. We can discover anything.

Okay, so you’re the type that just won’t stray from your “other apps.” Not to worry there’s a solution for hardcore Tweeters and Instagramers too (and yes, even those of you using Facebook): go follow some news pages! Follow people like NASA who post about the planets and what the prices are for a trip to Mars these days. On Twitter you can get BREAKING news the second it happens! Its amazing!

The journey to endless knowledge is right in our hands, literally, go use it.

This is the key for a knowledgable conversation for everyone…now you just need to go and unlock the greatness!

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